Morison’s Agro Insecticides help protect and prevent against the detrimental effects of insect infestation on agricultural yield. Insecticides can be used either to control pests that infest plants or to eliminate disease-carrying insects in specific areas. Insecticides include ovicides and larvicides which are used against the eggs and larvae of insects to prevent future perpetuation of insects. Through the usage of insecticides, farmers across Sri Lanka are able to salvage their agricultural yield either through eradication of the insect or by preventing them from engaging in behavior that destructs the plants.


Nissorun is a potent and long-lasting acaricide, being used by Sri Lankan farmers to protect their yield. Acaricidesare a type of pesticide that kill members of the arachnid subclass Acari, which includes ticks and mites. Nissorun gives farmers maximum protection against these voracious pests across a broad spectrum of crops.Nissorun is a translaminar insecticides, thus it is absorbed by leaves and can move through the leaf to the opposite surface they contact, but do not transmit throughout the plant.

Nissorun has excellent ovicidal, larvicidal and nymphicidal activity. If the product is sprayed directly on eggs or overwintering eggs, it will prevent the eggs from hatching. Additionally, if untreated adult mites move onto leaves sprayed with Nissorun and lay eggs, or if adult mites come into direct with Nissorun and then they move onto other leaves and lay eggs, the eggs will still be prevented from hatching. Nissorun has two types of activity on larvae and nymphs. If nymphs or larvae come into direct contact or with leaves sprayed withNissoran, they will die.If the adult mite population is already buildup, a Nissoruntank-mixed with contact miticide reduces the adult population rapidly.

While treatment with Nissorun is effective against damaging insects, there is no phytotoxicity or adverse effect on beneficial insects and natural enemies. The active ingredient in this product is hexythiazox which is a non-systemic insecticide and miticide with a 10% WP formulation (ISO). This product is pale brown powder having a faint odor similar to lignin.


Mertit 200 SL is an effective systemic insecticide which is applied to plants and become distributed throughout the plant tissue. This product is effective in combating biting and sucking insect pests and protecting a broad spectrum of vegetation from insects including rice, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, and fruit. The active ingredient in this product is Imidacloprid 200g/L. An insect that chews or sucks on a plant treated with this active ingredient consumes Imidacloprid which damages the insect’s nervous system causing it to die. The product is also effective via contact. Through the use of Merit 200 SL, Sri Lankan farmers are able to rid their crops of cleverly hidden insects, allowing their crops to flourish.



Manufactured by the renowned Japanese company Nippon Soda, Mospilan is an insecticide with a broad spectrum of activity. The active ingredient in this product is acetamiprid with a 20% soluble powder formulation with a pale blue appearance. An insect that chews or sucks on a plant treated with this active ingredient consumes acetamiprid which damages the insect’s nervous system causing it to die.

Mospilan is the new benchmark for the control of aphids in pepper and cucumber, Colorado potato beetle in potato, and whitefly in various vegetation. Whiteflies are specifically problematic to tropical farmers due to their ability to carry and spread plant disease. With long-lasting effects against adult insects, larvae and eggs, Mospilan effectively rids plants of problematic pests through its high systemic and translaminar activity.

Mospilan has low risk of cross-resistance to other conventional insecticides and is biologically and physicochemical compatiblewith most insecticides except strong alkaline chemicals such as Bordearu mixture. The product has no phytotoxicity for almost all crops. Mospilan is low toxicity to mammals, aquatic organisms and wildlife and does not show adverse effect to beneficial insects like honeybee and bumblebee. However, grazing for farm animals should not be allowed for 14 days so as to prevent milk contamination. Acute toxicity of acetamiprid 20% SP formulation is >2,000 LD50 (mg/kg or NOEL (Dermal) for rats.



Imported from Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kayaku Co. Ltd, Podex is an insecticide effective against a wide-spectrum of pests. The active ingredient in this product is chromafenozide with a 5% suspension concentrate effective in control of bollworm, beet armyworm, citrus leafminer, codling moth, cutworm, diamondback moth, gypsy moth, looper, Oriental corn borer, rice leafroller, rice stem borer, and summer fruit tortrix on rice, tree fruits, cotton, and vegetables.

PODEX has large margins of safety to mammalian, avian and aquatic organisms and has no adverse effects to non-target arthropods. Mammalian Toxicity of 5% SC is acute oral LD50 > 5000 mg/kg. Therefore Podex is much suitable for the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs in Agriculture.

Podexhas the following distinct characteristics:

  • Act as an ecdysone agonist. It shows excellent efficacies against lepidopterous insect pests.
  • Has high level of safety to pollinators and beneficial insects, and it would promise to play an important role in IPM programs.
  • Less damage of crops due to stop feeding with quick induction of molting symptoms